From video and stills to animations and visual effects

We dare to say that we know something about what your business needs are, if it’s in the Nordic tourism or experience industry. This field has been our domain of expertise for the past 20 years.

We are set to help you with all types of projects.

We produce innovative and aesthetic content based on insights, that helps you effectively communicate to your target audience - and get them to convert.

Video retainer or
Whether you are in need of content for a one-off-project or a long-term retainer, we’ll tailor-make an agreement suited for your needs.

Film production

Nothing captures a mood or ambiance as well as video content – that’s why the backbone of NORTHBOUND56 is producing films.


Say cheese! We’ll bring your destination, hotel or experience alive through still frames and photography.

Drone operations

Need to see things from a greater perspective? With multiple years of experiences with operating professional drones, we’ll be your eyes – and camera - in the skies.

Event film

Need help going an extra mile at an event or fair? We’ll create an atmospheric film from your event or catch the important moments from your fair in photo. 

Live shopping

Deemed one of the most effective sales tools in this decade, we’ll help you create the perfect scenery and provide the highest quality technical set up for your live shopping event.


Curating the right cast for your campaign is crucial for getting your message across – that’s why we offer casting and recruiting actors and extras for your shoot.

Production design

We create the visual appearance of the video by selecting and building sets, props, costumes and other visual elements that fit the story and create the desired atmosphere.


Assembling footage to create a coherent and fluent narrative. We specialize in adding transitions, music, and sound effects to enhance the final video.


To create the desired visual style and mood, we can help you adjust the colors and contrast of the video. This can include adding warm or cool tones, adjusting brightness and saturation levels to improve the overall visual expression – whatever is in line with your brand guidelines.


We are no Beethovens, but we know our way around the musical world – especially when it comes to creating or selecting the appropriate music for your video to support the mood, emotions, and overall tone. The music can be original, made specifically for the video, or it can be licensed music that has been selected to fit the story.

Location scouting

We’ll find suitable locations to film your video by visiting different locations and assessing whether they fit the story and technical requirements. This may include securing the necessary permits and making sure logistics are in order.