NORTHBOUND56 is a Nordic video, still and animation studio located in Denmark.

Every market sees the world differently. That is why we specialize in creating travel content – from video and stills to animations and visual effects – suited for the Nordic market.

Our Approach
Our approach and way of working is based on our unique framework, ensuring we know what content you need. We ensure continuous progress and improvements in your content and we facilitate results through your content.

Therefore, everything we do is based on our circular 3 step method:

Insight – Innovate - Impact.


We believe data is essential; both to understand the current situation and to outline the potentials ahead. Therefore, everything we do is based on market intelligence, data, and research.


We love synergies, efficiency, and high return on investment – but we also love new ideas, unusual ways of thinking and taking chances just as much.


Our insights and innovation processes make sure we always create content for the right audience with the right message at the right time – to create the best possible impact!

Our Focus
In recent years, storytelling through high quality video and image material - specifically produced for Nordic audiences - has become increasingly important in all activities related to branding, marketing and PR in the Nordics: We know that good videos and images are essential to capture consumers’ attention in campaigns. That social media algorithms accommodate videos. And that journalists rely on good press photos to be able to publish stories.

Especially in the tourism industry, videos and photos are important when showcasing the destination or experience – and its people, culture and history.

And that is where we come into the picture.
Our History
NORTHBOUND56 is the product of a unique collaboration between three Nordic agencies – one specialized in creating content, one specialized in marketing tourism brands, and one specialized in user experience.

To accommodate the increased demand for content production within tourism, we have joined forces and more than 20 years of experience within our fields.

This makes up the perfect combination of skills to cater tourism industry players in need for high quality content that inspires, creates awareness and converts in the Nordic market.
The Team teachable
First Coffee and Related


The Founding Team
The leading full-service agency within tourism in the Nordics. Based on their expertise within PR, marketing, data insights and sales activities, they help brands fulfill their potential in the Nordics.

First Coffee
Agency specializing in the development and marketing of experiences. Passionate about innovating, communicating and converting services, destinations, experiences and concepts for the Danish tourism and experience industry.

Full-service production company based in the heart of Aarhus. Partner with brands and agencies to produce content and storytelling that people feel and remember.

Chris Porup
Director of Photography
Highly experienced cinematographer, photographer, and editor. Focus on the technical execution of shoots along with editing, and all of the other pivotal processes.

Niklas Ankjær
Executive producer
Experienced and passionate producer. Values close and honest collaborations, where the right idea and going the extra mile always win.

Dennis Grauslund
Insights & Data Manager
Expert in working with data within the tourism industry. Has a lot of experience in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data as well as communicating findings to stakeholders in an effective manner. Moreover a great project manager.
Camilla Maja Thomsen
Project manager
Native digital communicator. A master in project management within the tourism sector, strengthening the relations with both existing and new target groups.
Dennis Østergaard
Client Director
Expert within digital communication and platform development since 2006. Primarily focus on ensuring clients’ needs and wants are met.
Thomas Andersen
Art Director
Experienced Art Director, whose heart beats for innovation processes, agile development methods, design thinking, service design, usability (UX), user experience (CX) and experience economy, especially with a focus on human insights and frequent user involvement.
Rannveig Ingvarsdóttir
Graphic designer
Creative and visual wizard who brings ideas to life through her design. By combining knowledge of color, layout, typography and images, she creates visual elements that convey messages, engage audiences and improve the user experience.